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An Acceptance Speech of Sorts

Hall of Hame logoEarlier this week, the founders of Rogue Amoeba learned that we were part of the first Mac class to be inducted into iMore’s Hall of Fame. This is a tremendous honor and we couldn’t be more appreciative. I’d like to express our sincere thanks to all the folks at iMore, in particular Peter Cohen and Rene Ritchie. We’re humbled to be included in their Hall of Fame alongside so many people who inspire us on a daily basis, including Mac friends from Bare Bones, The Omni Group, Panic, and Smile.

While our induction focuses on the company’s three founders, Quentin Carnicelli, Alex Lagutin, and Paul Kafasis (that’s me), Rogue Amoeba is much, much more than just its founders. We’ve been thrilled to work with over a dozen employees since we got started, along with countless other contractors, all of whom have contributed to what Rogue Amoeba has produced. Without the work of these people, the products you use every day simply wouldn’t be what they are. Heck, they might not exist at all.

So, please indulge me while I attempt to extend this honor to all who’ve worked with Rogue Amoeba since we got started. Particular thanks are due to Jeff Johnson, our longest-tenured employee. Jeff has had a hand in improving just about every one of our apps, and we’re deeply grateful for his work. As well, our first employee Mike Ash was essential in helping us grow beyond our humble beginnings.

We’ve recently also celebrated the five year anniversaries of our designer Christa Mrgan and our support tech-turned-Windows developer Lee Falin. Christa fights the good fight in improving the look and feel of all our work, while Lee has pushed hard on the development of Airfoil for Windows.

Rounding out our current staff are some newer recruits. Chris Barajas handles our technical support, adeptly fixing problems when things go wrong. Ed Wynne has performed incredibly wizardry on the backend of all our audio capture apps, and is currently working on a brand-new app to be released in 2015. Finally, Grant Farr has been cranking on the future of audio capture for literal years, and we are so very close to unveiling it to the world. Exciting!

These are only some of the people who’ve been such a big part of what we do. It’s impossible to properly thank everyone, so just know that if you’ve worked with us, you helped us greatly and we damn sure know it.

Now Hiring

While I’m lauding our staff, I ought to also mention that we’re hiring! Why not apply to join our team?

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  1. Toni Colandreo says:

    I’ve been using you guys since th beginning and it’s been the best audio apps for straight forward simple work flow and I have all th complicated stuff and th platinum records to prove it. Congratulations.

  2. Bill Bowers says:

    A well deserved honor and a gracious acceptance! Good work all!!

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