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Major Updates for Airfoil and Airfoil Remote

Today we’ve got updates to our whole Airfoil line, including Airfoil for Windows, Airfoil for Mac, and Airfoil Remote on iOS. Read on for more details, or just update your copies to get the latest!

Airfoil Remote 4.0

Airfoil Remote IconThe biggest change in version 4 is that Airfoil Remote now works with Airfoil for Windows. Now you can control Airfoil running on your Windows machines, your Macs, or both! As well, thanks to some under-the-hood changes, Airfoil Remote now reflects changes in Airfoil and its sources more rapidly, along with correctly showing password-protected speakers.

In addition, we’ve updated the design of Airfoil Remote a bit, to better fit in on iOS 7.1 This is a free update if you already own Airfoil Remote, so just update via the App Store on your iOS 7 device. If you haven’t purchased Airfoil Remote yet, you can get more details here, and purchase via the App Store.

Airfoil for Windows 3.6

Airfoil for Windows IconAs you might guess, Airfoil for Windows needed an update to make it compatible with Airfoil Remote, and version 3.6 provides that compatibility. Now you can use Airfoil Remote to control Airfoil for Windows, as well as its supported sources. That list now includes Spotify, so if you want to see what’s playing and remotely control it while you transmit Spotify with Airfoil, you can!

We’ve also included an SDK in Airfoil for Windows, so third-party developers can add enhanced support with Airfoil to their audio applications. If you have a favorite audio player that’s not yet supported, point the developers to this blog post.

And Airfoil for Mac as Well

Airfoil for Mac IconAirfoil for Mac already worked well with Airfoil Remote, but we’ve got an updated version to improve compatibility. Now all supported sources will work with Airfoil Remote, just as you’d expect. We’ve also added support for two new apps, Vox and Ecoute, and fixed several other minor issues.

Get Them Now

These updates are all free for registered owners, so be sure to download them now. Choose “Check for Update” from within Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows, and visit the App Store on iOS to update Airfoil Remote.

If you don’t yet own Airfoil, you can download a free trial for Mac or Windows then purchase through our online store. Airfoil Remote is a great iOS companion to either version of Airfoil, and is available right in the App Store on your iOS device.


  1. Please note that Airfoil Remote 4.0 requires iOS 7. If you’re on iOS 5 or 6, you’ll still be able to buy and use Airfoil Remote 3.0, through the App Store.

3 Responses to “Major Updates for Airfoil and Airfoil Remote”

  1. Ray Rinson says:

    Nice I can finally use Airfoil Remote with my Windows machine! Thank you thank you!! Getting info from Spotify is slick too. Are more “supported sources” be coming?

  2. Bengt says:

    I’m a happy Airfoil user since 2011. :) So, when is Airfoil Remote coming to my Android devices? I didn’t even know people were still using iPhones. ;-)

  3. Todd W says:

    Great news any fixes for the drift issues?

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