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An Opening for More Beta Testers

Last month, we gave a quick peek at the future of audio capture, and gathered a small cadre of beta testers. We’re ready to bring in a new crew of testers, so if you’re interested, act quickly!

As before, we’re looking for some skilled beta testers on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or 10.9 (Mavericks) to try out our new Preview. If you’re already a fan of Audio Hijack Pro 2, we’d love to have you try out the forthcoming update before its release. Just send us an email with the following info:

  • Your Full Name

  • Your Existing Audio Hijack Pro License Key

  • Your Postal Code

Be sure to include all of the above information if you want to be selected!

Update (March 24th, 2014): We’re closed up again, but keep your eyes on this blog and our Twitter account for more news.

And if you’re looking for more information, please give the previous post a read.

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