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If you’re a reader of this blog, you’re likely familiar with Audio Hijack Pro for recording audio, and Fission for editing it. They’re powerful tools to help you manipulate all manner of audio on your Mac. However, because they’re so powerful, we often have trouble detailing the myriad ways in which they’re used.

Fission IconThat’s why we’re so delighted to see two recent articles in the Mac press. First up, Josh Centers wrote a great piece over at TidBITS about how he creates podcasts. Of course, Audio Hijack Pro and Fission are both featured prominently in the article, but he also covers hardware like microphones and headphones, and details his full process. If you’re interested in creating a podcast, check out how Josh makes his.

Audio Hijack Pro IconAs well, long-time Mac news site MacNN recently did a hands-on with Audio Hijack Pro. Of course, they detailed its usefulness in recording podcasts, as well as just about any other audio on your Mac. I was especially thrilled to see this, as I actually got my start in the computer industry writing reviews for MacNN, wa(aaa)y back in the last millennium!

If you’re new to Audio Hijack Pro or Fission (or any of our apps, for that matter), you can always download free trials, right from our front page.

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