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Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Compatible Versions of Airfoil and Piezo

It’s Thanksgiving time here in America, and we’re thankful to be able to provide you with two big updates. These updates, to Airfoil and Piezo, both offer compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), and are recommended for all users. Read on for more details, or just go download them now!

Our New Audio Capture Engine

The update to Mavericks required some big under-the-hood changes for all our apps, and this is part of what took us so long with these updates. New versions of all of our audio capturing apps will now feature an overhauled audio capture engine. In addition to providing our current functionality on the new OS, it also lays a foundation for new and improved audio capture functionality in the future.

We’re very excited to have radically improved our backend, even if most users won’t notice a difference for now. That said, this is a major change, and there may be some wrinkles we haven’t yet ironed out. If you find audio capture isn’t working as it previously did for you, or as you’d expect, be sure to let us know.


Airfoil for Mac IconFirst up, the update to our audio streamer Airfoil features the aforementioned new audio capture engine. As part of that, the optional Instant On component has been updated to version 7.1. This update restores the ability to capture System Audio on Mavericks, as well as improving audio capture of many other sources. In addition, we’ve also fixed a ton of bugs, including issues with App Nap on Mavericks, and much more.

This update brings a bit of new functionality as well, in the form of support for enhanced metadata and remote control of Vemedio’s Instacast for Mac. We’ve also improved our iTunes support, adding support for controlling and getting data from iTunes Radio.

All users should definitely grab the latest Airfoil immediately. Download Airfoil 4.8.2 by selecting “Check for Update” from the Airfoil menu. You can also grab the update, or just get more information on the app, here. This is a free update, of course, and should work well on all versions of Mac OS X, including Mavericks.

A Note on Airfoil Video Player

At this time, though it may work fine for some users, the Airfoil Video Player component of Airfoil is not supported on Mavericks. Of particular note, crashes with the Silverlight plugin may render Netflix unwatchable. We’re continuing to work to determine if Airfoil Video Player will be updated to fully support the new OS.


Piezo IconOur simple audio recorder Piezo has also been updated for Mavericks and more. While Piezo can’t capture from already-running applications like its more powerful big brother Audio Hijack Pro, it will still benefit from the previously-mentioned new audio capture engine. We’ve also cleaned up some minor cosmetic issues and fixed other bugs.

One important issue is worth noting. Unfortunately, due to underlying changes made by Apple, capturing audio from Safari is no longer possible with Piezo. Thankfully, this is worked around fairly easily. To capture web-based audio, you’ll want to use another browser as your source in Piezo. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox. Use one of those browsers as your source in Piezo, and you’ll be able to record web-based audio.

Get Piezo 1.2.3 by selecting “Check for Update” from the Piezo menu. You can also grab the update, or just get more information on the app, from the Piezo page of our site. This is a free update, of course, and should work well on all versions of Mac OS X, including Mavericks.

Mac App Store Buyers

This update is currently awaiting approval from Apple, so watch for that update very soon.

Coming Soon: Audio Hijack Pro and Nicecast

That’s all for today, but we’re still hard at work on updates for Audio Hijack Pro and Nicecast as well. For now, if you’re on Mavericks, be sure to get the latest beta from our Status page. Beyond that, just watch for additional updates, coming very soon.

2 Responses to “Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Compatible Versions of Airfoil and Piezo”

  1. Jose M Cobos says:

    I am using the latest Audio Hijack Pro beta 5 and it works perfect for audio enhacement but didn’t try for recording. I need an Audio Hijack for the iPad and iPhone…Thx

  2. Patrick says:

    I have been using Piezo with Safari, if it will no longer work with Safari will you offer a discount on upgrading to Audio Hijack to owners of Piezo?

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