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Updated Information for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) was released just over three weeks ago, but at this time, our line of products is still not fully compatible with the new OS. These updates have taken longer than we, and no doubt you, hoped. We continue to work diligently to get official updates released.

Many users have asked us for a timeframe for these updates. Our only estimate is “ASAP”. We remain hard at work, and our sole priority at this time is to get the updates into your hands. At this time, we believe we have fixed all the major 10.9 issues. Before we declare the updates done, however, some small cleanup work remains.

Download and Use the Public Betas

As you may know, we have posted betas here on our blog for use by anyone who needs them. Rather than scattering updates throughout multiple posts here, we’re moving those betas to a central location.

We urge all users on Mavericks to head to the Status page, where you can download the latest public beta versions of our apps for Mac OS X 10.9. While we’re not quite ready to release these versions to our entire user base, they have been heavily vetted. At this time, they’re absolutely the recommended versions for users on Mavericks.

If the betas work for you, great! That’s exactly what we expect at this point. Just keep using the betas until they inform you that a newer version is available.

If you do run into any issues, please be sure to click the “Help” menu and choose “Beta Feedback…” to report the problem.

Thanks for Your Patience

As I said, these updates have taken longer than we’d hoped. Though we were working on Mavericks well in advance of its release, a combination of multiple issues to fix and changes to the beta OS throughout the beta period hindered our ability to be ready in time. If you’re frustrated at the delay, we certainly sympathize. I can assure you that no one wants these updates out as much as we do, and I once again urge you to use the public betas found on our Status page.

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  1. Trevor Hickman says:

    Please include the following information when contacting Rogue Amoeba Support.

    Domain: AudioHijackKitErrorDomain

    Code: 5403

    NSLocalizedDescription: Process Source Error

    NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion: Process Source could not find the process #517 in the attachable

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