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Airfoil Speakers for Android, Now on the Amazon Appstore

APPNAME IconUsing our popular Airfoil app, you can stream audio from your Mac or PC out to hundreds of compatible devices around your house. That list includes Android devices, thanks to our free Airfoil Speakers for Android, released last month in the Google Play store.

If you’ve got a Kindle Fire, or simply prefer the Amazon Appstore on any other Android device, you’ll now be able to find Airfoil Speakers in Amazon’s store. Though we submitted the app at the same time we released it in the Google Play store (seven weeks ago), Airfoil Speakers for Android has only just now been approved — quite the delay. Nevertheless, the wait is over. Read more about Airfoil Speakers for Android or just head over to the Amazon Appstore directly to download and getting sending audio to your Android device.

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