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Fission 2.1 – More Features, Fewer Bugs

Fission IconAs you may know, we released version 2 of our audio editor Fission recently, and it’s been very well-received. We’re never content though, so we’ve been spending the past weeks fixing problems and adding features.

Now, we’re pleased to release Fission 2.1. This is a major update, with a lot of useful changes and improvements our users have asked for, and we’re eager to get it in your hands.

New and Improved

Retina Ready BadgeSo, what’s new? The first thing some of our users will notice is that Fission 2.1 is now fully Retina-ready. So, if you’ve got a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro or the new 13″ model, Fission will look gorgeous on your display.1

We’ve also got some new features and functionality. For audiophiles, Fission now offers both VBR and CBR MP3 exporting, in its Custom settings, and also features support for high-efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) exporting. Fission can now open and import audio from more formats, open files dragged directly from iTunes, write iTunes-style AIFF tags, export to many more sample rates, and much more.

Fission 2.1 Screenshots
MP3 CBR and HE-AAC are now available in Fission’s Custom settings.

And of course, we’ve squashed a slew of bugs. Most importantly, an alert which could appear when trying to save a file has been fixed. Support for slightly malformed FLAC files has been improved as well, along with other improvements to the Batch Converter. We’re also properly handling extensions in Save panels, correctly handling album artwork in file icons, avoiding overwriting files imported via QuickTime, and fixed many other small issues.

This update fixes and improves myriad items on our list, and should improve the experience of using Fission for all of our users. Get it today!

Updating to Fission 2.1

If you purchased directly through our store, Fission is immediately available for download. You can head over to the Fission page or just open your copy of Fission 2 and choose Check for Update from the Fission menu. This is a free update for all users of Fission 2, so get it now.

If you purchased Fission via the Mac App Store, you’ll need to wait for Apple to approve the update we’ve submitted. We’ve strived to have simultaneous releases in the past, and hope to continue to do so in the future. However, recent extended waits for approval by Apple’s review team have convinced us it’s in the best interest of our direct purchasers to provide Fission 2.1 to them as quickly as possible, despite the fact the Mac App Store version is not yet available for download.

We’ll have the Mac App Store version updated as soon as Apple allows, and we’ll update this post when it’s available.

Update (November 20th, 2012): Apple has finally approved Fission 2.1, and it’s now available on the Mac App Store. Click here to get it.


If you’re still using Fission 1, now’s a great time to upgrade! You can do so at a greatly-discounted price, right here.


  1. We’re slowly working on Retina updates for all of our software. Next up is likely to be Piezo, hopefully by the end of the year, then others to follow. Stay tuned!   

5 Responses to “Fission 2.1 – More Features, Fewer Bugs”

  1. DGH says:

    Retina!!! Thank you!

  2. Carlos says:

    Is this usable with Voiceover?

  3. Ken Smith says:

    I’m finding that Fission 2.0 is much slower than 1.6 when editing a 3-hour recording from Radioshift. It feels very sluggish and unresponsive in comparison. So will be reverting back to 1.6. One question: Radioshift has an option to select editor, but when I select Fission 1.6, it always defaults back to 2.0 when I click “edit.” Is there a way around this?

  4. Vegaz says:

    Having the same (dismal) experience as Ken Smith with Fission 2.0 compared with 1.6. So sloooooow. I use it only on long recordings, so cannot tell how it behaves with shorter files.
    Hope the 2.1 resolves the issue.

  5. Aqua says:

    Dammit, Apple, hurry up! I should have bought from your store, Rogue guys. I hope the update is approved soon.

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