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Airfoil Works Great With Apple’s Newest AirPort Express

We’ve just gotten our hands on some of Apple’s brand-new AirPort Express units, and we’re happy to report that Airfoil works flawlessly with these shiny new devices. If you’ve been waiting to buy this new router/audio device, you can now be assured that audio sending from your Mac to the new dual-band AirPort Express will work great via Airfoil.

If you haven’t seen the new AirPort Express, you can check it out on Apple’s site. The venerable AirPort Express, first introduced in 2004, finally has a new form factor. In fact, its case is essentially a white Apple TV (with a few different ports, of course):

The new 2012 AirPort Express
The New 2012 Square Dual-Band AirPort Express, Front and Back

We expect Apple will sell a whole lot of these great new routers, and we’re glad to be able to enhance the device’s functionality with Airfoil. Use Airfoil to send any audio from your Mac (or PC) to the new square AirPort Express, as well as many other outputs (including all versions of the AirPort Express and all versions of the Apple TV).

5 Responses to “Airfoil Works Great With Apple’s Newest AirPort Express”

  1. Nick says:

    Didn’t it work with the previous generation of Airport Express?

  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    Nick: Sure did (as mentioned on the “many other outputs” linked page). I’ve updated the post to make this more clear.

  3. Joste says:

    Great! :)

  4. sudestfrance says:

    i have the new airport express, and it seems to be “micro-cuts” which i didn’t hear with the old one (using Spotify and Airfoil 4.7.0). I will make longer tests to verify it

  5. sudestfrance says:

    Sorry for the previous message, it is ok today

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