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Hear All About Us: Hodge-Podge

Rogue Amoeba’s been in the news in a few separate ways which might just interest you.

First up, the Ryan Montbleau Band has been getting good press recently, in part due to their use of two of our tools, Audio Hijack Pro and Nicecast. Their interesting setup makes it possible for them to record and broadcast their shows, and was originally covered in the New York Times, with additional coverage from Ars Technica and Mashable.

Next up, Federico Viticci has an in-depth look at Apple App Stores, particularly focused on search and discovery. There are a few quotes from yours truly, as well as many smart things from other developers.

Finally, I took part in a discussion of WWDC and what might be coming, on the Macworld Podcast. The discussion provides a useful overview of some of the issues developers will be facing with Mountain Lion and iCloud.

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