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Enhanced Control of More Sources with Airfoil

When we unveiled Airfoil 4.5 last year, it included some handy new functionality. In addition to sending audio, Airfoil now also passes along metadata for many sources. That means the when you transmit from a supported source, you’ll see album art as well as track information.

Airfoil Speakers with enhanced metadata and remote control

As well, when you’re sending audio to Airfoil Speakers, Airfoil Speakers Touch, or an Apple TV, you can remotely control the source. Audio can be paused, and you can skip forward and back between tracks on your playlist. It’s very handy, and makes for a great experience when listening to audio.

Today, we’re very happy to announce compatibility with several new applications. We’ve worked with these developers to integrate their applications with Airfoil, and we’re delighted to have them on board.

Mog IconFirst up, we’ve now got support for the MOG music service and their Mac client. MOG is a subscription service with a catalog of over 14 million tracks. If you’re already a MOG user, just be sure to grab the latest Airfoil and the latest version of the MOG client, then get streaming. If you haven’t used MOG yet, you can get started right here. They have a free ad-supported plan, as well as an ad-free computer-only plan for $4.99, and a $9.99 plan that includes access on mobile devices too.

Muse Controller IconMeanwhile, if you’re a Pandora fan, several new clients have popped up to make using the service on your Mac better than ever. First up, we previously mentioned Muse Control, a remote control for Airfoil. It’s since added Pandora playback to its Mac portion, Muse Controller. When transmitting Muse Controller via Airfoil, enhanced metadata and remote control are now available

Pandoras Box IconThe popular Pandoras Box application, from Francisco Garza, runs right in your menubar and provides Pandora audio playback. It’s been well-reviewed in the Mac App Store, and we had several requests for support. Before we had a chance to contact Francisco, however, he emailed us. To our surprise, the integration was already done and it worked like a charm. Excellent!

Muse IconMusicality IconFinally, Jason Perkins from Industrious One worked with us to add support to both his audio playback apps, Muse and Musicality. Muse can be found exclusively in the Mac App Store, and is a stand-alone Pandora player. Musicality, meanwhile, is something of a big brother to Muse. It supports Last.fm and Grooveshark playback, in addition to Pandora. With the newest versions, to be released within a few days, they’ll both work great with Airfoil as well.

We’ve got a full list of supported sources, so take a look. If your favorite app is on there, great – just stream it with Airfoil to get enhanced metadata and remote control. If your favorite audio player isn’t listed there, get in touch with the developer, and send them to this page. That’ll get them started integrating with Airfoil.

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