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Come and Get Airfoil for Windows 3.2

Airfoil for Windows IconFollowing a month of beta testing (and a couple dozen new builds), we’re finally ready to release version 3.2 of Airfoil for Windows. This update isn’t flashy or feature-packed, but it’s important nonetheless. We’ve made a slew of improvements under the hood, to make Airfoil work better than ever.

Those improvements start with an all-new audio capture engine, for better performance. Airfoil can now capture audio from a lot of edge cases that previously failed. It’s now also fully compatible with the FMOD audio library, powering many games as well as the Qobuz music service’s desktop application.

For users of Windows text scaling, Airfoil’s interface is now fully resolution-independent. We’re not through with these updates, as we’ll be working at making the same updates to Airfoil Speakers in the future. There are also myriad bug fixes and minor improvements, from the ability to mute all output at once to improvements to the Equalizer, and more.

We want to get everyone using this version of Airfoil for Windows, so in addition to working better than ever, it’s also a free update. Just visit the Airfoil for Windows page, and you can download it immediately.

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