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Try the Airfoil for Windows 3.2 Beta

Airfoil for Windows IconIt’s time for some more Airfoil for Windows news today. We’ve been hard at work on revamping a lot of the underpinnings, and it’s time to expose that work to a larger audience. If you’re ready, you can start using the future, today!

What’s New?

When we updated Airfoil to version 3, we revamped its interface as well. While this update was most welcome, it unfortunately didn’t work perfectly on systems which make use of Windows text scaling. Airfoil 3.2’s interface will be fully resolution-independent, and this beta is 99% of the way there. So, if you’ve had issues with Airfoil’s interface since version 3, give this beta a try.

Beyond that, almost all of the updates in this beta are under the hood. They’re important, and they’ll make Airfoil work better for nearly all users, but they aren’t flashy. Nevertheless, after weeks of internal testing, we need more folks to use the app and make sure everything works as expected. That’s where you come in! Just grab the download, and use it as normal.

Get the latest Airfoil for Windows 3.2 Beta here.

With the latest update, we have very few known issues left. Grab the latest beta from the link above.


If the beta works, excellent – that’s just what we expected! Keep using it until the official Airfoil 3.2 arrives (you’ll be alerted to the update when it ships). However, if you run into any problems, use the in-app support form in the Help menu to let us know.

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