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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Ed Wynne's portraitIt’s been something of a hiring whirlwind here at Rogue Amoeba, with the recent additions of Grant Farr and Jose Vazquez. Today, we’ve got yet another new face, in the form of Ed Wynne. Eagle-eyed readers will recognize Ed’s name from our About boxes, as Ed’s done a good deal of contract work for Rogue Amoeba over the years. He’s one of the brains behind the hijacker, which powers the audio capture used in Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, and Nicecast. Now, we’ve brought him on full-time to help us hack away.

You can learn all about Ed on our Staff page. He handles backend work (like the aforementioned hijacker), so you won’t see the results of his work directly. However, his code will continue to find its way into almost all of our products. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

2 Responses to “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome”

  1. slava says:

    An excellent addition to the team, I may add. Grats to both RA and Ed =)

  2. Drew Thaler says:

    Congrats, he does good work. :)

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