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Airfoil 4.5.7 Brings Lion Compatibility

Airfoil for Mac IconAirfoil 4.5.7 is an important update to our audio streaming tool, particularly for all Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) users, thanks to Instant On version 4.1. Instant On is an optional add-on for Airfoil which enables capture of all System Audio, as well as grabbing audio from already-running applications (instead of requiring that the application be quit and relaunched)

Unfortunately, this handy functionality was broken with the update to Lion. It took a lot of late nights (and one unfortunate false start) to get Instant On working again, but it’s finally here. We wish we could have had it sooner, but we’re delighted to have it available now.

We want to thank our users for their patience as we got this functionality working. We also want to take the time to apologize to those users and developers who had the misfortune of running into the issues caused by Instant On 4.0, as part of the quickly-retracted Airfoil 4.5.6. We did our very best to get the issues cleared up as soon as we could, but we obviously wish we’d never released the conflict into the wild at all.

Now then, all Airfoil 4 users should head over to the Airfoil page to get this free update now. If you’re an Audio Hijack Pro or Nicecast user, stay tuned – we’ll have updates for those apps very soon.

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