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Spotify And Airfoil – So Happy Together

Spotify IconBy now, it’s likely you’ve heard of Spotify, the Sweden-based music service. With Spotify, users get on-demand access to millions of tracks, through both paid and free (ad-supported) accounts. Due to its slow rollout in Europe, and inaccessibility here in the US, Spotify has been receiving quite a lot of buzz since its 2008 launch. Now, Spotify is finally coming to the US.

Airfoil IconFor years, our product Airfoil has been a boon to Spotify users. To listen to music directly on your computer, Spotify is all you need. But if you’re looking to stream Spotify to your stereo, Airfoil comes to the rescue. Setup is a snap, of course. Just launch Airfoil and set Spotify as the source at the top of Airfoil’s window, then transmit to your desired outputs to get audio flowing.

Airfoil sending Spotify's audio

Airfoil sending Spotify’s audio

Using Airfoil, you can send the music from your Mac or PC out to AirPlay audio devices like the AirPort Express or Apple TV. You can also create an ad-hoc radio station for the office, sending Spotify’s audio to other Macs and PCs running Airfoil Speakers. When you do, you’ll see full album art and track titles, and even be able to remotely control playback.

Airfoil Speakers receiving Spotify's audio

Airfoil Speakers receiving Spotify’s audio

We’re thrilled to see Spotify come to the States, and hope to enhance the experience for many new users with Airfoil. So check out Spotify by signing up for a free or paid account, and if you haven’t got it already, grab Airfoil to send its audio anywhere you like.

3 Responses to “Spotify And Airfoil – So Happy Together”

  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks. Now all I need is an invite.

  2. Greg says:

    Brilliant! Can’t wait to try this out tonight!

  3. Bob says:

    Wow, what a terrific combination. Running Spotify Premium through Airfoil on my audio-dedicated mac mini (+RWA Isabella DAC/Pre-Amp and Sig 30.2 amp), all controlled using Airfoil on my laptop. Streaming at 320k, the sound quality is just terrific and Airfoil does its part to keep the transfer clean. Thanks – truly a great piece of software!

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