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A New Addition to the Reemote Family

Last week, we updated Airfoil Speakers Touch to version 2, and it’s got some fabulous new features. In addition to a great new interface, Airfoil Speakers Touch can now connect back to Airfoil remotely, and it can control playback of many audio sources.

Reemote HD IconOne thing Airfoil Speakers Touch can’t do, however, is provide full remote control of the Airfoil application itself. If you want to adjust which outputs Airfoil is sending to, or change sources, you need to do so from your computer itself. Unless of course you use a little tool called Reemote, which we talked about back in December. Reemote, by 010dev, enables you to remotely control Airfoil from your iOS device. It’s a great complement to Airfoil for use right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What about the iPad? Well today, Reemote is getting a big brother. 010dev is now shipping Reemote HD, for the iPad. Learn more over at 010dev.de.

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  1. Yarrow says:

    Airfoil/Reemote+AirPlay is an amazing combo. I can send audio from my iMac or iPhone to any/all rooms in the house, all from the iPhone. Magical! ;D

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