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What’s New In Airfoil Speakers Touch 2!

Hot on the heels of our recent updates to Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows, we’ve got an update to Airfoil Speakers Touch, our iOS companion to Airfoil. This update brings to iOS many of the new features we introduced to the desktop version of Airfoil Speakers: Reverse Connect and Remote Control, along with a shiny redesign of the user interface. Here’s a quick tour of what’s new:

Reverse Connect

When you launch Airfoil Speakers Touch, the first thing you’ll now see is a list of all the copies of Airfoil that are running on your Wi-Fi network.

Airfoil Speakers Touch 2.0's source list

The list of available Airfoils on your Wi-Fi network

They’re identified by the name and icon of the computer and the app, song, or audio device currently ready to be captured. You can start receiving audio from a particular Airfoil just by tapping its entry in the list, and you can stop at any time by tapping Stop at the upper left. Of course, you can still connect and disconnect from Airfoil itself too.

Remote Control

Once you’re connected to Airfoil and receiving audio, if the app you’re streaming from supports it, you can play, pause, and change tracks right from Airfoil Speakers Touch. Just use the audio buttons that appear above the volume control:

Remote controls appear above the volume slider

Remote controls appear above the volume slider

AirPlay, the technology on which Airfoil’s audio streaming is based, has a built-in two-second delay before audio is heard. This means you won’t hear the results of a remote command immediately. To help indicate this, the remote control buttons glow blue while that delay is elapsing.

You can also use the clicker on your iPhone or iPad’s earbud cable the same way you’re used to with other music apps: one click to play or pause, two clicks to skip to the next track, three clicks to rewind. As well, when the app is in the background or the phone is locked, the audio controls in the multitasking tray and lock screen provide control.

We’ve got a list of supported source apps for Mac and for Windows. Many popular Mac apps, including Spotify, Rdio, and more, can be controlled!

Metadata and Visualizer

We’ve completely revamped the user interface in version 2.0. Most importantly, metadata and album art for the playing track are now displayed when available. We’ve also improved the audio spectrum visualizer, with bigger, more precise meters, and multiple colors – just swipe left or right to change colors. You can also quickly hide the meters to save battery life and make more room for album art, by simply sliding them down.

When the meters are hidden, album art displays larger

When the meters are hidden, album art displays larger

Get It Now

We think you’re going to love the new Airfoil Speakers Touch. If you’re already an Airfoil user, just grab Airfoil Speakers Touch from the App Store now. If you haven’t checked out Airfoil before, click to get started streaming audio all around your house.

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