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Airfoil 4 Is Clever, Affordable, and a Pick of the Week

If you haven’t downloaded Airfoil 4 to your Mac yet, maybe a couple top-notch reviews will convince you it’s time. We happen to have just that! First up, Macworld UK gave the newest version of Airfoil 4 stars out of 5, and called it “a clever and affordable way to stream all of your Mac’s audio throughout your home and to your iOS devices”. We think so too!

As well, Adam Christianson of the long-running Maccast made Airfoil his Pick of the Week on episode 249 of MacBreak Weekly. You can listen (or watch!) right here, to find out how Adam uses Airfoil in conjunction with audio from Pandora and his stereo.

Once you’re convinced, you can download Airfoil right from its main page. Try it out, then buy it right through our store.

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