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Hear All About Us: Airfoil 4’s A Hit

Macworld 4.5 MiceAirfoil 4 came out back in December, but we’ve been anxiously awaiting our review from Macworld. Well it’s out now, and we’ve got a hit! Chris Breen and the Macworld staff have awarded us 4.5 mice (out of 5). Give the full review a read, then grab Airfoil for yourself.

As far as a few notes from Chris’s review, well, we’ll just tell both him, and you, to stay tuned. Watch this very blog (you can subscribe to the RSS feed) and follow us on Twitter. We’re hard at work on updates for Airfoil Speakers Touch, as well as a new application.

Meanwhile, over on the Mac Geek Gab, co-host Dave Hamilton always knows what’s up when it comes to audio. On episode #322, he had a two tips for a listener who wanted to get specific audio out to an audio device. Using either Audio Hijack Pro or Airfoil (coupled with Airfoil Speakers), you can get specific audio out to specific audio devices. Give a listen for more details (this particular segment is about 45 minutes in)!

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