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Pulsar 2.2.2 Again Restores SiriusXM Support

Following their changes in February, SiriusXM again made server-side changes to their site in the past two weeks. Yet again, these changes broke third-party support for listening, rendering Pulsar (and other players such as Catpig Studios’ Radium) non-functional.

After much work, including collaboration with our new friends at Catpig, we’ve again got Pulsar working. All Pulsar users can download version 2.2.2 by choosing Check for Update from the Pulsar menu, or get it right from the Pulsar page. To get back to listening, grab that update now.

20 Responses to “Pulsar 2.2.2 Again Restores SiriusXM Support”

  1. mjl says:

    It’s working great here. Thank goodness I have my Pulsar back! The Sirius web player is a real dog.

  2. Matt says:

    Thank goodness. I hate the Sirius new online player with a passion. The last few weeks have been miserable trying to use it. Thanks for the great work!

  3. Dave says:

    Love having Pulsar back- You guys are fast !

    That SiriusXM player stunk. It would time out after “inactivity”, making it useless for listening when you’re not actually active on your computer. Interface was awful too.

    But what was even worse wss no way to broadcast to AirPorts with Airfoil.

    I also use Audio Hijack to mute any audio from Safari to stop annoying advertising audio overlaying music. So the SiriusXM player in Safari was extra lame.

    I was going to suggest a couple of new features to RogueAmoeba :
    1. Audio Hijack being able to broadcast to Airfoil speakers.
    2. Audio Hijack being able to hijack Safari by URL. For example, hijack and mute all Safari URL’s except a given URL list.

    While those new features would have helped using Audio Hijack as a workaround for no Pulsar, they might still be nice features to have for streaming other audio to Airfoil speakers.

  4. Craig says:

    Thanks guys, appreciate your efforts on this front. Great to have Pulsar back up and running.

  5. Ryan says:

    Pulsar is back! Your coding team is great at coming up with work-arounds and fast! Thanks for continuing to support your Pulsar product and fans so well.

    Rogue Amoeba – Duh Winning!

  6. A Whiny Guy says:

    I just called SiriusXM yesterday to complain — then I checked the website today, and Pulsar is back.

    While I’d like to take all the credit for this, I SUPPOSE the hard work from the folks at Rogue Amoeba was what actually made the difference.

    Thanks, RA, for your work and your quality. More companies (clears throat) should fight for — and support — their customers as you do.

  7. Nosious says:

    Thank god you got it working again. The new sirius flash player sucks just as much as before.

    You guys rock!

  8. Spencer says:

    Outstanding work guy’s!!! I forgot how much I hate the SiriusXM Player…

  9. Julius Lopez says:

    Hey guys, I just wanted to take a minute to say, “Thank you” for keeping on top of SiriusXM’s changes. It was just a week or so ago that I launched Pulsar only to learn that it wasn’t working. And without even visiting your site to check status, I came back today to launch it and “Voila!”, a new update was ready.

    I’m thrilled that you have created such a wonderful solution. After goofing with the revised SiriusXM Online player, I’m grateful none of their engineers work for you. It’s simply the most gawd-aweful UI I’ve ever encountered.

    Again, I sincerely appreciate all the hard work.

  10. WalterRoss says:

    Thanks for fixing Pulsar so quickly! Pulsar is so much nicer to use than the SiriusXM web player

  11. Todd says:

    Thank you!!!!! don’t know what you miss until you no longer have it.

  12. Christopher Lee says:

    Great work getting Pulsar working. When will SiriusXM realize that tinkering with their service doesn’t fix their poorly implemented UI and also breaks all of the good ones?

  13. Jeffrey Cox says:

    Great work! You have a great company, great products, and Pulsar has made satellite radio a gem. Hey, SiriusXM should be paying you for your browser!

  14. Peter Kemmerer says:

    I’d also like to thank everyone at Rogue Amoeba for continuing to update and provide quality audio software for the Mac. I purchased Audio Hijack Pro and Fission as a package deal the week I bought my Macbook Pro, and picked up Pulsar as soon as it was made available (for free, nonetheless!). I use all of these programs several times a week. They are simple, powerful programs that make my Mac life SO much easier and more fulfilling than it would be otherwise.

    I think you guys rock, and I hope you keep rocking!

  15. scott says:

    soooo happy. best app ever. thanks for the fix.

  16. Latcarf says:

    It’s because of dedication like this that I’ve bought every one of Rogue Amoeba’s products.

  17. B.T. says:

    Awesome!! Had to listen through Sirius’ crappy player. Awesome app!!
    BaBa Booey to all!!

  18. JB says:

    WOOHOO!!!!! I was feeling lost without Pulsar at work. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  19. Shawn Decker, Ph.D. says:


    Great to be back and working. Love your product (Pulsar), hate the Sirius webplayer.

  20. Paul Kafasis says:

    Thanks for all the praise folks – we’re happy to have it working again.

    If you experience any issues, be sure to check the web player first – SiriusXM’s servers are still having issues not infrequently. If the web player is failing, Pulsar won’t be able to stream audio either – it’s a SiriusXM issue. So, check the web player first.

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