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Pulsar 2.2 – Now With Full SiriusXM Support!

Update (March 25th, 2011): We’ve got an update, Pulsar 2.2.2 – get the info on it here.

Update (March 19th, 2011): Over the past week, SiriusXM has been updating their servers, and again breaking third party access. At this time, Pulsar is not functioning. We’re still analyzing things to determine if we can get Pulsar functioning. Stay tuned.

At the beginning of February, SiriusXM merged the Sirius.com and XMRadio.com sites for the US, into their new SiriusXM.com site. This massive change broke Pulsar, our desktop satellite radio player, for all US users. Unfortunately, because SiriusXM provides no official support for third-party clients, nor any information about the changes they’ve made, we had to react after the fact.

Within two days, we were able to restore streaming for some of our users, and released Pulsar 2.1.3.

However, many listeners were left out, and stuck with SiriusXM’s web-based player.

After many more long days of work, we’re now happy to announce Pulsar 2.2, with full support for the new SiriusXM. This update will restore streaming for all users with online satellite radio access. If you’ve got a satellite radio account and online access, via SiriusXM in the US or via XM or Sirius in Canada, get Pulsar 2.2 now.

You can learn more about Pulsar and download the free trial now. If you’ve already got Pulsar, you can also select Check for Update from the Pulsar menu. Of course, this is a free update, so don’t delay.

12 Responses to “Pulsar 2.2 – Now With Full SiriusXM Support!”

  1. pwc says:

    It’s working great. I’m able to listen to XM again through Pulsar. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Harry says:

    I’m happy to have Pulsar working again. The SiriusXM site was a pain to use. Thanks for getting it working for the XM customers.

  3. Tarus says:

    No love for me. I am able to register with my US-based XM account now, but when I try to listen I get “Buffering …” followed by

    Stream Playback Error: Flash: Network data read error

    Ooops – apparently I was still logged in via the iPhone App. I logged out and now it works fine. I thought about deleting this comment but I figured I’d leave it up in case someone else hits the same problem.

  4. Tom Cocca says:

    No dice for me, I am able to log in, get the channels and then start playing but the program completely bombs out after about 2 minutes of play time, who thing locks up and I need to force quite the app. OS X 10.6, Sirius US account.

    ~ Tom

  5. Mark H Jacobs says:

    @Tarus. I had the same problem this morning but it eventually fixed itself after a couple of restarts.

  6. David Johnson says:

    Updated to 2.2 morning of the 16th. At first, the program would not update the song title in the header bar. After an hour or so, it started behaving normally.

  7. Paul Kafasis says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Please keep in mind, the comments on our weblog are not the place for support though. If you have an issue, email us directly, so we can work to get you set.


  8. Bob says:

    WTF? Updated to 2.2 when Pulsar prompted me too, it relaunched and I lost all my Favorites and Sirius login username and password were cleared! Come on, at least warn us about these things!

  9. Bob says:

    Update: Re-entered login info in Pulsar and connected to Sirius, still no Favorites. But moved 2.2 out of the way, put 2.1.3 back and launched it and could see my Favorites again. From there I could at least take a screenshot of what I had so I don’t have to try and remember all my Favorites or go back thru the channels.

  10. Tom Cocca says:

    My problem fixed itself after a number of restarts and a couple channel changes, not sure why but life is good now.

    ~ Tom

  11. Scared Poet says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! God, what a pain that web-based player is. Whoever it was at SiriusXM who decided that using Flash and that horrible excuse of a “tuner” for their new player should be fired.

    Thank goodness Pulsar is working again! :)

  12. Paul Kafasis says:

    Bob: That’s an unfortunate consequence of Sirius + XM’s move to a merged service, SiriusXM. While it’s much the same for listeners, of course, this is a different service running on the backend. We lose all account information from the old Sirius (or old XM account), and you need to start fresh with SiriusXM. This is less than ideal, but it should be a one-time issue.

    All: I’m closing the comments now, to prevent further support requests here. Again – if you have any issues, contact us directly, and we’ll work with you:


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