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Pulsar 2.2 – Now With Full SiriusXM Support!

Update (March 25th, 2011): We’ve got an update, Pulsar 2.2.2 – get the info on it here.

Update (March 19th, 2011): Over the past week, SiriusXM has been updating their servers, and again breaking third party access. At this time, Pulsar is not functioning. We’re still analyzing things to determine if we can get Pulsar functioning. Stay tuned.

At the beginning of February, SiriusXM merged the Sirius.com and XMRadio.com sites for the US, into their new SiriusXM.com site. This massive change broke Pulsar, our desktop satellite radio player, for all US users. Unfortunately, because SiriusXM provides no official support for third-party clients, nor any information about the changes they’ve made, we had to react after the fact.

Within two days, we were able to restore streaming for some of our users, and released Pulsar 2.1.3.

However, many listeners were left out, and stuck with SiriusXM’s web-based player.

After many more long days of work, we’re now happy to announce Pulsar 2.2, with full support for the new SiriusXM. This update will restore streaming for all users with online satellite radio access. If you’ve got a satellite radio account and online access, via SiriusXM in the US or via XM or Sirius in Canada, get Pulsar 2.2 now.

You can learn more about Pulsar and download the free trial now. If you’ve already got Pulsar, you can also select Check for Update from the Pulsar menu. Of course, this is a free update, so don’t delay.

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