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Airfoil for Windows 2.8

Airfoil for Windows IconToday, we’re pleased to announce that the newest release of Airfoil for Windows is now available for download. Airfoil for Windows 2.8 brings with it several important improvements, and it’s a free update! You can download it immediately or read on for more details on what’s new.

Browser Support

The biggest new feature for this release is the restoration of full support for all major browsers. As mentioned previously, Google Chrome set a trend in browser stability and security by quarantining potentially unstable 3rd party plugins, such as Flash Player, in a separate process. As time passed, other major browsers such as IE and Firefox followed suit. Unfortunately this change prevented us from being able to get to the audio since it was now being played in a different process.

With Airfoil for Windows 2.8 however, we’ve introduced a new feature which allows it to grab audio from not only the process you select, but from its sub-processes as well. This change not only restores the ability to grab audio from Firefox, but also adds full support for Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8, which we’ve never before supported. The complexity of this all takes place behind the scenes. You just have to select your browser in the source menu and transmit!

Other Changes

Airfoil for Windows now also has full support for sending audio to AppleTV v2. In addition, we’ve heard from lots of users who want to be able to select a specific output device for local playback in Airfoil for Windows, so we’ve added that too. We’ve also added that same ability to Airfoil Speakers for Windows. (You can find the setting for selecting the output device in the Preferences menu of each application) We’ve also fixed a host of other bugs that our users have reported.

What’s Next

We’re not slowing down, as we’ve got lots of exciting things planned for the future of Airfoil for Windows. We can’t dive too deeply into the details, but our focus is threefold:

  • Bringing the feature set of Airfoil for Windows feature closer to that of Airfoil for Mac.
  • Improving the overall user experience. This includes everything from rewriting the installer to a complete refresh of our user interface.
  • More stability across the board.


We’re excited about both the present and the future of Airfoil for Windows and hope that you are too. You can learn more, and grab the latest version of Airfoil for Windows, right now. Beyond that, stay tuned for more!

3 Responses to “Airfoil for Windows 2.8”

  1. Muffins says:

    Are you dead in the water now that Apple’s Airplay is out? It sure smells that way…

  2. Jamie says:

    Don’t intend any snarkyness like Muffins but would love to hear what you guys think as soon as you’ve had time to take a look at how AirPlay Video is working now that the software was released today.

  3. Paul Kafasis says:

    Muffins: I’m not sure I understand how? AirPlay doesn’t enable you to send any audio from your Mac or PC, out. Airfoil does. People may use their iOS devices to send audio more now, but Airfoil seems to still have a good niche at the moment.

    Jamie: We’ll be looking into AirPlay video in the near future, and will likely post her first. So, stay tuned to this very weblog.

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