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Test the Airfoil for Windows 2.8 Beta

Airfoil for Windows IconWhile it hasn’t seen a major update in sometime, we’ve been hard at work on Airfoil for Windows, the Windows version of our tool for transmitting audio all around the house. We’re not quite ready for a release yet, but we are looking for beta testers.

Most importantly, this update restores full functionality in hijacking audio from web browsers. Previously, changes to Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, as well as the design of Google Chrome, made it impossible to grab audio from those browsers. We’ve updated the way Airfoil works, to again make it possible to get audio from your browser of choice.

While there aren’t any new features, this is a major fix, and there are other useful bug fixes as well. So, we want to get some testers.

Try It Out

If you’re already a registered user, you can help us test it. Airfoil for Windows has been tested with a small pool of testers, and it works well for daily use. Now, we want to get a wider pool of testers, so get in touch.

Update (November 19th, 2010): We’ve released the official version of Airfoil for Windows 2.8, so get it now.

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