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Macworld 2011

In January, Macworld 2011 will again take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, from the 26th through the 29th. While it’s an off year for Rogue Amoeba (since 2004, we’ve exhibited in all even years), I’ll certainly be there to check out the show and I’m hoping to see plenty of Mac developers exhibiting there.

Last year, ahead of the 2010 show, I wrote about the future of Macworld. At the time, I said:

I don’t believe we’re going to see an expo on its deathbed though. I think that we may well see the birth of a new expo…Macworld exists because of everyone who goes, not just because of Apple’s presence.

Sure enough, the 2010 show was great. As exhibitors, it was one of the best years ever, with incredible traffic all three days of the show. Even without the presence of Apple, attendance was over 30,000, on par with Macworld 2009. The only downside of the 2010 show was the reduced number of Mac exhibitors.

This year, the folks behind Macworld are working to change that, with the Indie Mac Software Spotlight. If you’re a small developer, there’s no easier way to be a part of Macworld than this setup. Once you’ve got a laptop (and ideally, someone to help run the booth), you’re almost ready to go. You’ll be able to get your product in front of both hundreds of members of the press and tens of thousands of users.

If you’re interested, Manton Reece’s post on his 2010 experience should be helpful, along with our own series on exhibiting at Macworld. Give them a read, then get in touch with Macworld.

If you’re a Mac or iPhone developer, you really can’t do better than Macworld Expo. If you sign up for the Indie Mac Software Spotlight through October 15th, you’ll save $200-$500 on a booth. Bigger developers can of course look at bigger booths, as Rogue Amoeba has exhibited in previously. Either way, I hope to see you there!

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