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Fission – Still Helping You Make iPhone Ringtones

Three years after the feature was first introduced, Apple has removed the ability to create and purchase custom ringtones from iTunes. Whether the shame of the ridiculous pricing finally got to Apple or they simply removed the feature due to a lack of popularity, the most heavily-promoted way to make ringtones for the iPhone is now gone.

Fission IconAll is not lost though, as it’s still easy to create ringtones in several different ways. We, of course, recommend our very own Fission audio editor. With Fission you can open an audio file and edit it down to your desired ringtone in seconds. Once you’ve got the audio set, just select Save as iPhone Ringtone from the File menu, and Fission will take care of the rest. The file will be saved and imported into iTunes as a ringtone ready for syncing to your phone. It’s a snap!

You can check out Fission by downloading a free trial, right here. Enjoy!

Update: Not to over-toot our own horn (a little tooting is ok), but as pointed out in the comments, you may also wish to check out Audio Hijack Pro. With it, you can record audio from any source. Once you’ve got that audio, you can bring it into Fission to edit for use as a ringtone.

3 Responses to “Fission – Still Helping You Make iPhone Ringtones”

  1. DearHunter says:

    I love love LOVE Fission for this. I’ve got a couple dozen ring tones made with Fission, each friend gets a specific one so I know who is calling without even looking.

    You should also mention Hijack Pro. That’s what I record a lot of mine with. I grab movie clips to use alot.

    Thanks for this!!!

  2. kristjan says:

    Not Fission related, but will the new Apple TV be compatible with Airfoil?

  3. Paul Kafasis says:

    kristjan: Right now, we have no way to be sure. It’s very likely it’ll work just fine, and we’ll certainly be working to improve things as well. Stay tuned to this very blog!

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