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Radioshift 1.6 Brings Support for AAC Streams

Radioshift IconIf you’re interested in playing and recording internet radio, you’ll want to check out Radioshift, which has received an important update today. Starting with version 1.6, Radioshift now has support for AAC audio. This means that hundreds of additional streams from around the world can now be accessed and played from right inside Radioshift. As more and more radio stations switch to streaming in the higher-quality AAC and AAC+ formats, Radioshift will be right there to support them.

Today’s update also brings with it several minor bug fixes, including curing a problem where some Flash-based streams wouldn’t properly play, so all users should be sure to update. If you’re already using Radioshift, just choose “Check For Update” from the Radioshift menu to get this free update. If you’re not using Radioshift yet, you can learn more here, then download the free trial to check it out.

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  1. Vanz says:

    Hey, just bought Redshift. I wonder if you can add the following options:

    1. Send recordings directly to iTunes, without having to click on “Send To iTunes” button.

    2. Allow for custom schedule times. For example, some radio shows are scheduled to start at 7 PM but in reality they start 10 minutes later, after all the commercials and unrelated news. I’d like to be able to schedule recording to start at 7:10 PM.

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