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More Control and Power With Pulsar 2.1

Pulsar 2.0 came out just two and a half weeks ago, but thanks to user feedback and input, we’ve already got a solid 2.1 update available for you! Working with a few visually impaired users, we’ve improved Pulsar’s accessibility greatly. It now works great with VoiceOver, so all users with visual impairment can enjoy satellite streaming!

In addition to accessibility improvements, we’ve added a Dock menu, which provides handy playback controls even while Pulsar is hidden. We’ve also added a Jump to Live command, which restarts live playback by jumping to the end of the pause buffer, and Growl notifications have also been improved to coalesce, meaning only one is shown on-screen at a time. These improvements, along with many small bug fixes, are all available in the free Pulsar 2.1 update.

Get It Now

If you listen to satellite radio via XM or SIRIUS, you’ll want to check out the Pulsar page to learn more, then download Pulsar 2. It’s a free update for all current owners of Pulsar, and new users can purchase for just $20.

A Complimentary License?

If you’re reading this site, it’s a good bet that you already own one of our current Mac OS X products. If so, for a limited time, you’re eligible for a complimentary license to Pulsar. Just visit this page.

If you don’t yet own any of our software, you can purchase right through our store, and obtain your Pulsar license right after.

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