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Just Released: Airfoil for Mac 3.5.2 and Airfoil for Windows 2.7.7

Airfoil for Mac IconAirfoil for Windows IconWe’ve just posted updates to both Airfoil for Mac and Airfoil for Windows. These are small updates, but both feature important bug fixes. They’re free updates, so grab them now.

We’ve also submitted Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.1 to Apple, for posting on the App Store. Dan wrote about this last week, and we’ve now completed our initial update. This version works in the background on iOS 4, which means you won’t lose your audio because you switched applications – hooray!

Our dislike for the App Store is well known, and we don’t have plans for further iOS apps at this time. However, we know thousands of users love Airfoil Speakers Touch, and we’re planning to continue updating it. We’ve even got plans for some new features, coming soon.

So, grab the latest Airfoil for Mac and/or Airfoil for Windows, watch for Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.1 (coming soon), and keep your eyes out for future news on Airfoil as well.

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