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Pause Live Radio With Pulsar 2!

Last year, we introduced a new product to stream XM and SIRIUS on the desktop – Pulsar. With Pulsar, you can avoid the clunky websites and timeouts, and get your satellite radio in a sleek client. Today, we’re delighted to unveil Pulsar 2!

Pulsar 2’s biggest new feature is the ability to pause live radio. While you’re listening, just hit the pause button, and Pulsar will stop playback, while continuing to buffer audio. Take a phone call, grab a snack, or use the restroom, then pick back up right where you left off – pausing puts you in control.

In addition to pausing audio, Pulsar’s Favorites have been greatly improved. In the Favorites view, you can now re-order favorites by simply dragging and dropping, and favorites are now accessible from Pulsar’s mini-player. We’ve also added integration with Growl and Last.fm in Pulsar 2. With Growl installed, information on the currently playing track will be visible in any application. And if you’ve got an account with Last.fm, Pulsar can be configured to “scrobble” your listening data to their servers.

Perhaps the most obvious change for Pulsar is its gorgeous new look. We’ve overhauled the interface, improved the mini-player, and even updated the icon. Couple this with the major new features above, and plenty of bug fixes, and Pulsar 2 is one heck of an update. Read more about it in lead developer David’s Pulsar 2 tour, or get it now.

Get It Now

Head over to the Pulsar page to learn more and download Pulsar 2. It’s a free update for all current owners of Pulsar, and new users can purchase for just $20.

A Complimentary License?

If you’re reading this site, it’s a good bet that you already own one of our current Mac OS X products. If so, for a limited time, you’re eligible for a complimentary license to Pulsar. Just visit this page. If you don’t yet own any of our software, you can purchase right through our store, and obtain your Pulsar license right after.

3 Responses to “Pause Live Radio With Pulsar 2!”

  1. Tom Z says:

    I like the new “dark” theme and new features – but what happened to the Favorites view?? I am not liking the new “Big Buttons” look at all. The big graphics and huge handles are a little self-indulgent. What was the reasoning behind the design change of the Favorites view? I have about 20 channels marked as favorites…and now I have to do a ton of scrolling to view what is playing on each channel! The old view was so much better.

  2. Don says:

    Awesome update. Tom Z. Just minimize the window and you have a drop down menu with your favorites. Very compact.

  3. Dan says:

    Long-time Pulsar user. Pause/rewind are amazing. But I agree with the comment on the mammoth favorites view. Need something more compact than that. (Don, I don

    AND Pulsar has needed – and still needs – more keyboard commands. I don’t mean the ability to assign commands to existing menu items. I mean the ability to navigate stations with the keyboard. That’s essential, for example, to get Pulsar working with some of the iPhone remote programs or media center controllers like SofaRemote. (I do see that Pulsar works correctly – giving you access to channels – when you tab through the window, but only in compact mode. The tabbing stops at the “now playing” indicator in full mode.)

    But seriously, great. Pause is awesome.

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