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Get a Preview of Pulsar 2

Released back in January of 2009, our SIRIUS and XM satellite radio streaming application Pulsar is just over a year old. It’s seen one major update from its original public preview, in the form of version 1.5. Now, we’re almost ready to unveil Pulsar 2.

This free update will bring several major new features, as well as an interface overhaul, the first full-fledged design by our in-house designer Christa.

Pulsar 2 Beta Preview

More coming soon…

Try It Out

We’ll talk more about what’s new in Pulsar 2 when the official release happens, but you can actually get your hands on it right now. If you’re an existing Pulsar user, or want to use it now, you can preview this great update before the full release. All you’ll need is an XM or SIRIUS subscription, and a Pulsar license. Pulsar licenses are actually free if you own any of our current Mac OS X products (via our complimentary license page), or just $15 in our store.

Pulsar has been heavily tested internally and with a small pool of testers, and it works great for daily use. Anyone who’s interested in the Pulsar 2 beta should send us an email.

Update: The Pulsar beta is now full. Keep your eyes out for the official Pulsar 2 release, coming soon!

After you’ve used the Pulsar 2 beta for a bit, you can use the integrated form (right in the Help menu) to send your feedback instantly. So try out the future of Pulsar, and help us improve it as well.

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