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iPad Goodies!

[Hey there – I’m Christa, the designer here at Rogue Amoeba. I’ve been with the team for about six months now, and it’s going great—it feels really good to be a part of making awesome software even better while working with super-fun people. Today I wanted to share some RA-themed iPad goodies I made.]

Though Rogue Amoeba’s dissatisfaction with the app store is well-known, we still recognize it as an important platform. In fact, everyone at the company received an iPad on release day. Jealous? I know. But hey, we need them to work on the newest version of Airfoil Speakers Touch, part of a forthcoming update to Airfoil.

I baked some cookies for Paul and Quentin as a way to say, “Yay! Thanks for the iPad, you guys!” and decided that, as long as I was mailing stuff all the way across the country, I should think of a little something else to send along.

Custom iPad Sleeves
I am not a skilled seamstress. In fact, I learned everything I know about sewing from the instructional DVD that came with my Martha Stewart™-endorsed sewing machine, and I’m fairly sure I’ve spent more time coaxing that machine to work than I have actually sewing anything. Still, I managed to make a couple of iPad sleeves for Paul and Quentin with some leftover fabric I had lying around.

They’re pretty straightforward; fleece on the inside, cotton fabric on the outside (looks like I should’ve ironed it first!). The details are felt applique, applied with Fabric Fusion glue. On Paul’s One Foot Tsunami-themed sleeve, I hand-stitched for reinforcement and a crafty look.

Quentin’s case is actually two cases in one. I made him a small sleeve for his iPod Touch, which can be used on its own or velcro-ed to the front of the iPad sleeve. Marsupials!

“Sure,” you’re thinking, “that’s kinda cool and everything, but what about ME, the reader and long-time Rogue Amoeba fan? What do I get?” Well, I have anticipated your needs, too, my friend. Just wait until you see what I’ve made for you:

Two Rogue Amoeba-themed iPad wallpaper sets!

The first set is photographic evidence that everyone’s favorite guerilla protist, Ammo the Amoeba, has shot a hole right through your iPad. Look, the bullet is still lodged in the cover! Bummer. And if you open it up to reveal the circuit board, you can see that the hole goes straight through. Ouch!

The other set features a re-imagined Ammo—an Ammo from the Powerpuff Girls or Dexter’s Laboratory universe. The lock screen shows him leaping through the air with his faithful firearm; the home screen details his surly, rebel attitude. Sweet!

To save these yourself (from your iPad), just tap the image to zoom to full size, keep holding, and choose “Save Image”. Once they’re saved, set them as your wallpaper in the Settings app.

Coming Soon…
Now, not to worry: I’ve been doing plenty of other things besides making iPad sleeves and wallpapers. We’re currently hard at work on major updates to Pulsar, Airfoil for Mac, and Nicecast. I look forward to telling you all about what’s new, design- and interface-wise, in the near future. For now though, enjoy these iPad goodies!

9 Responses to “iPad Goodies!”

  1. Mac Mom says:

    Nice! My husband told me I should make some too, but I didn’t think I had the skills. You’ve inspired me to give it a try this weekend. I especially like the monogram. I just got a sewing machine from Costco.com and I thought it came with a DVD, but it didn’t.

  2. Christa Mrgan says:

    Awesome! Well, these really weren’t too hard; they’re basically two long rectangles of fabric sewn together (double the length of the iPad and folded over, for a seamless bottom). As for instructional videos, there are a bunch on YouTube. This one “seams” good.
    Happy crafting! :)

  3. James Ramsey says:

    Love the bullet hole backdrops. I only wish that the first one didn’t look like someone had shot a *casing* at me… :-)

  4. William Wilkinson says:

    Love the bullet one. Great work Christa!

  5. Khad Young says:

    Did not know you were working for RA, congrats on that and keep up the great design work. Cheers!

  6. Rouge Amoeba Wallpapers « Day and Age says:

    […] is a delightful set of iPad wallpapers made by Crista […]

  7. Nathaniel says:

    Sadly, the bullet wallpaper makes no sense. The object embedded in the wall there is not actually the bullet itself but the brass case, which is typically ejected out the side of the firearm when the bullet is fired out of the barrel. Thus, it would make no sense for the case to wind up in the wall behind the bullet.

    Still cool, though!

  8. JOhn says:

    So, is Rogue Amoeba going to make an app for the iPad?

  9. Paul Kafasis says:

    Nathaniel: I mentioned this to her, but…so it goes. Designers! Call it artistic liberty.

    I like the Ammo wallpapers best of all.

    John: As we’ve discussed previously (here and here), we’re focused on the Mac. The iPad is nice, but it doesn’t change the App Store in any useful way.

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