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Our Newest Employee and Our Newest Job Posting

Our Staff page has seen an update this month, as we’re very pleased to welcome aboard a new coder. David Dunham, of A Sharp (makers of Jigami, Opal, and more), has recently been doing a short-term contract on Pulsar, our XM/SIRIUS satellite radio player.

This work isn’t quite ready for release, but it’s part of the forthcoming Pulsar 2. To head off the inevitable questions, we don’t have a release date for Pulsar 2 yet. We do know that it will be a free upgrade for all current Pulsar owners, and we hope to have it out by the fall.

David is currently finishing up his contract, and he’ll be joining us full time starting April 1st. His first job will be continuing his work on Pulsar. After Pulsar 2 ships, he’ll likely be working on the next generation of Audio Hijack.

Still Hiring

We’re not done hiring, either. We currently have an open position on our Jobs page, for a support tech. We’re looking for an experienced Mac OS X user who’s ready to help our customers with issues and problems they encounter. If you think you might be interested, head over to our Jobs page now to apply.

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  1. Jonathan Wight says:

    Ohhhh. Don’t forget King of Dragon Pass. One of the THE best Mac games ever. http://www.a-sharp.com/kodp/

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