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Recently, we received a letter here at Rogue Amoeba HQ from a very satisfied customer:

Dear Paul, I have been using your Radioshift software for quite some time now, and recently purchased Fission in order to edit some of the audio I have stored in Radioshift. I wanted to write to say a heartfelt thank you for both products.

I’ve been using software packages for over two decades, but rarely have I come across anything that is so brilliantly designed and so pleasurable to use. The love and attention to detail that has gone into Radioshift in particular, is clear for anyone to see, and the speed and usability of Fission is a work of pure genius.

I use the two packages for recording the plays from BBC Radio 4. They go out in the middle of the afternoon here in the UK, which is when I’m dashing in and out of meetings, etc. Using Radioshift I can grab them when they are broadcast, and the use Fission to top-and-tail the audio, which takes less than a minute, and then sync them straight to my Blackberry via iTunes. So easy!

I just spent a week on business over in Egypt. On the flight over I caught up on several business recordings and each night I was there I enjoyed one of the radio plays I’d previously recorded. All of that was down to the brilliance of your two packages. They kept me informed and entertained.

So, please pass on my thanks and appreciation to your colleagues and tell them to keep up the great work. Sincerely, Paul Smithson

Though this was addressed to me, the whole team of course deserves credit for our work. Everyone at Rogue Amoeba contributes to our products, and we all enjoy hearing about how our customers use our products. As such, we make sure to share all manner of feedback we receive throughout the company.

We’re always looking to hear more from our customers, both praise and problems. Our contact form is geared towards support, but that’s not all you can email us about.

If you have a feature request, a problem you’re looking to solve with our software, or just want to tell us what you like and what you hate, please, let us know! We listen to everything, and that feedback helps shape our future products. So step right up, and don’t be shy!

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