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Pulsar 1.5.6 Brings Back SIRIUS and Supports XM Canada

Pulsar IconIt’s been two months since our satellite radio player Pulsar last saw an update, but version 1.5.6 is now available. This update fixes an issue caused by server changes at SIRIUS.com, leading to SIRIUS users being entirely unable to log in. As always, we worked hard to get this update out as fast as possible, so hopefully Pulsar users didn’t miss too much of their favorite content!

This update also includes full support for XM Canada, which was recently updated, and fixes a rare crashing bug with the Account Assistant. Of course, this update is recommended for all Pulsar users, and SIRIUS customers won’t be able to use Pulsar at all until they update.

If you’re already using Pulsar, be sure to update (for free) by choosing Check For Update from the Pulsar menu, or downloading right from our site.

If you haven’t used Pulsar before, you can see what you’ve been missing with satellite radio by downloading Pulsar. You’ll need a SIRIUS or XM Online radio account, so if you don’t have one yet, be sure to check out their free trials as well.

5 Responses to “Pulsar 1.5.6 Brings Back SIRIUS and Supports XM Canada”

  1. Chad says:

    Thanks for fixing this so quickly! Pulsar has been my alarm clock in the morning (thanks to Airfoil!). You saved my days! :-)

  2. Mike K says:

    I really appreciate you guys being so pro-active on the SIRIUS/XM issue. Although I really like the concept, the way SIRIUS/XM does business is terrible… But you guys are great for being on top of the situation. Thanks again!

  3. Paul Fan says:

    If you like Sirius XM then see their “rags to riches” story on DVD. The movie is called “Stock Shock” and it goes over the history, development, and near-death experience of the stock. I did not know the inventor of sirius xm was a woman!–well she is now, at least. DVD is cheaper at http://www.stockshockmovie.com, but the DVD is pretty much everywhere for sale.

  4. J says:

    Any word on some functionality updates for Pulsar? I’d love just to see a mute button.

  5. Jeff says:

    J, if you click the muted speaker icon in the toolbar, Pulsar mutes. The icon is to the left of the volume slider. There’s also a mute keyboard shortcut: command-shift-down arrow. This keyboard shortcut is listed under the Controls menu, and it can be remapped in System Preferences if you like.

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