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Airfoil 3.5 Brings EyeTV Sync And More

Airfoil for Mac IconEvery day, more and more users are finding out just how great it is to send audio around their entire house, wirelessly, with Airfoil. We’re not slowing down either – today, we’re happy to announce that Airfoil 3.5 is now available!

Users of Elgato’s EyeTV will be very pleased with this update. If you’ve ever tried to watch EyeTV video while sending the audio remotely, you’ve seen that the audio and video don’t sync up. We’ve teamed up with Elgato to work around this issue. Now, with EyeTV 3.3 and Airfoil 3.5, local video is delayed to perfectly sync with remote audio – excellent!

We’ve also vastly improved the process of pulling audio from both VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop. To grab their audio you’ll need the Instant Hijack component installed, via the Install Extras… window in the Airfoil menu. Once that’s installed, just choose Fusion or Parallels in the Source pop-up at the bottom of the Airfoil window, and Airfoil will take care of the rest!

Airfoil for Mac 3.5 is a free update. Just choose Check For Update from the Airfoil menu, or click to download from our site. If you haven’t used Airfoil before, grab the free Airfoil trial.

6 Responses to “Airfoil 3.5 Brings EyeTV Sync And More”

  1. Andrew says:

    Is there way I can install Airfoil on PS3?

  2. Rob says:

    Does it allow precueing in djay now?

  3. Paul Kafasis says:

    Andrew: Airfoil is the sending portion of the equation – there’s definitely no way to send audio FROM the PS3 out to other outputs, nor will there likely ever be.

    Airfoil Speakers is the receiving end. This we’re considering porting to the PS3 in the future, so that the PS3 can receive audio the same way an AppleTV, AirPort Express or other Mac, Windows, or Linux box does.

    Rob: No, djay’s pre-cueing is not currently supported. We’ll see what happens in the future, but this requires special-casing for djay.

  4. Mat says:

    I am thinking about purchasing Airfoil for main use with EyeTV. Unfortunately, my machine runs Mac OS X Riger (10.4), and I see Airfoil 3.5 is not available for download on this version of the OS. Will a Tiger compatible version ever be released?

  5. Paul Kafasis says:

    Mat: No – Tiger is no longer supported. You’ll need to update to Mac OS X 10.5 or higher to use Airfoil 3.5.

  6. Matrix says:

    When can we anticipate a PS3 compatible AirFoil Speaker update? I am so thrilled about your development on this software as it has changed how I can listen to music and if I can stream to a PS3 that would solve a great bit and will not need to get an Airport Express for my rooms.

    Thanks and Great Work by you all.

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