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Software in Action: The Yarn Car

We recently received a postcard out of the blue, showing off Tim Klein’s Yarn Car. The Yarn Car is a 1967 Chrysler Crown Imperial covered in over 4 miles of yarn to create a stunning design. Crazy? Yes. But also very cool. Tim mailed us to let us know he’s using Fission and Audio Hijack Pro on audio he later plays in the car.

This car’s stereo plays music sliced + diced with Fission and Audio Hijack. You rogues rock!!!


Are you using our products in an interesting or obscure way? Let us know!

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  1. Tim Klein says:

    Hey cool, thanks for the post!

    To be more specific about the slicing and dicing… I found that lala.com lets you stream an entire album all the way through one time, so you can decide which tracks are worth buying. (That’s genius on their part — they have a lot of my money now, for songs I would never have heard otherwise!) I use Audio Hijack to capture the streaming audio of an album. And then I use “Smart Split” in Fission to automatically split it into individual tracks to be burned onto a CD-RW for the Yarn Car’s stereo, so when I decide I don’t like a particular song, it’s easy to just jump to the next one. After I’ve stepped through the whole album during my commute to work, I return to lala.com to buy the tracks I liked, and snag another album to audition. The people in Detroit who built my big ol’ 1967 Imperial could never have imagined the technology that would be in daily use in that car 42 years later…

    Gadgetry fans might like to read about how my in-car “Yarn Phone” works too: http://www.yarncar.com/Misc/yarnphone.html

    Keep up the great work, rogue amigos!

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