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Audio Hijack Pro Users: We Need Your Help

Update: Thanks guys – we’re all set, there’s no need to email any more sessions lists. Thanks again!

In order to help us design the next generation of Audio Hijack applications, we need to know more about how you (yes, you!) use Audio Hijack Pro. Knowing the answers to questions like “How many sessions do you have?” or “What are you recording?” will help us greatly.

So, we’re collecting information on how people use Audio Hijack Pro. Please send us your Audio Hijack Pro sessions! E-mail them to hello@rogueamoeba.com.

Your session list itself is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/Audio Hijack Pro/SessionList.plist. That SessionList.plist file is the only one we need, so attach that to an email and send it over.

So send us your sessions, to hello@rogueamoeba.com. Just attach that session list file (~/Library/Application Support/Audio Hijack Pro/SessionList.plist).

And thank you for your help in shaping the future of audio recording!

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