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Software in Action: Rogue Amoeba Saves Lives!

James D. emailed to share a great set-up using Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro, and Nicecast.

Scanner Setup Thumb

Just wanted to send you guys this diagram showing how I am using your fantastic software products. Many members of my fire department work outside the range of our radio pagers but have an email capable phone which can play mp3 files. This setup allows me notify firefighters in near realtime of an incoming fire call. Once notified they can respond or switch over to the live stream and hear what is happening on the fire ground.

Thanks again for the great software.

As you can see, James is using Audio Hijack Pro to automatically record fire calls and email them out to other firefighters. As well, he’s sending the scanner stream throughout his house with Airfoil, and across the web with Nicecast. Awesome!

James, thanks for sharing – we’re glad our software can help the fire department!

Are you using our products in an interesting or obscure way? Let us know!

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