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App Store Podcasts

Since our post on Airfoil Speakers Touch and our decision to stop developing for the iPhone, we’ve seen a lot of coverage on the issue. Recently, I had a chance to sit down and chat on two different podcasts, to go into more depth on the problems we saw and problems with the App Store in general.

First up, I spoke with Chuck Joiner on MacVoices, which is always a good time. Chuck and I went in depth on the benefits and problems of the App Store.

As well, I was part of the show on the iPhone Alley Podcast, with Michael Johnston, Jeff Gamet, and Adam Christianson. We covered some of the same ground, as well as discussing what other developers have seen and experienced.

Ultimately, we at Rogue Amoeba want to see the iPhone platform be viable for us to develop on. It’s a young platform, and Apple is learning, so talking about this helps. As we pointed out on the iPhone Alley podcast, you can share your own feedback directly with Apple, via their Feedback page.

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