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Bug Fixes in Airfoil 3.4.1

Airfoil for Mac IconJust over two weeks ago, we released a major update to Airfoil, the first version built on our new AudioHijackKit2 framework. We’ve been very happy with how well it’s done in the wild, but there were some bugs. Airfoil 3.4.1, immediately available, aims to squash those bugs.

To start, Safari hijacking is much improved when the Instant Hijack component is installed. Users with non-English systems will now be able to properly hijack Safari. As well, if Safari is already running, Airfoil will always grab from it, without needing to relaunch.

As well, hijacking of other apps has also been made more robust. Airfoil will now properly pull audio from Front Row, by simply selecting it in the Source list. Dashboard hijacking has also been improved to fix several bugs that could prevent Airfoil from getting audio.

Pulling audio from VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop has also been updated. To grab their audio you’ll need the Instant Hijack component installed, via the Install Extras… window in the Airfoil menu. Once that’s installed, launch Fusion or Parallels, then hold the option key when clicking the Source pop-up at the bottom of the Airfoil window to show hidden processes. For Fusion, the process you need to select is called vmware-vmx and for Parallels it’s called prl_vm_app. Select that, and Airfoil will pull all audio from the virtual machine.

There are lots of other rare and minor bug fixes, and this is a free update for all licensed owners of Airfoil for Mac, so be sure to update if you’re on Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. Just choose Check For Update from the Airfoil menu, or click to download from our site. If you haven’t used Airfoil before, grab the free Airfoil trial.

2 Responses to “Bug Fixes in Airfoil 3.4.1”

  1. gnweber says:

    I’ve had an issue with Instant Hijack since it was installed a month ago. I have installed the above mentioned bug fixes for Airfoil 3.4.1 and Instant Hijack. It seems that even the updated version of Instant Hijack will not peacefully coexist with Adobe Updater (Adobe CS4) on Snow Leopard. When Instant Hijack is installed I have a process that is writing 500k-1MB every couple of seconds to my disk. So much writing that my CPU and HD get hot and fans run at 3800 rpm.

    Instant Hijack seems to be interacting with a process called VCstatus that is part of the CS4 Updater. It wasn’t until I inspected the VCstatus process and saw Instant Hijack files in the opened files area that I realized the issue. I just uninstalled Instant Hijack and everything is back to normal now. It went against my better judgement to install Instant Hijack anyway…

  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    gnweber: We’ve got one other user who has reported this, and we’re investigating currently. If you contact us directly via our support page, we can better assist you, so please email us.

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