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Two New Employees Join Rogue Amoeba

If you haven’t visited our Staff page recently, you may have missed a recent update. As of October 1st, Rogue Amoeba now has two new employees, Dan Wineman and Christa Mrgan!

Dan joins us after doing a programming contract for some backend work that will make its way into the upcoming Radioshift 1.5. He’s continuing to work with Jeff on Radioshift, and we hope to have a final release of version 1.5 out before the end of the year. Dan is a great addition to our team of coders.

Christa, meanwhile, is filling a new position for us, that of designer. For years, we’ve used various contractors to provide artwork, and done a great deal of our design in-house. Eventually, we decided it worthwhile to have a full-time employee handling all the artwork we need, as well as work with us on interface design.

Christa will be filling that role for us. She’s already added artwork to Airfoil (in the Radio Tuner window, seen when using a RadioShark), as well as icons for Instant Hijack and SoundSource, and we’re looking forward to releasing prettier software in the future.

It’s also worth mentioning that we’ve still got one open position, a senior Cocoa User Interface Software Engineer position. We’ve had plenty of great applicants for this position, including some we’re still considering, but no one has been quite perfect yet. You can read more about it here, and apply there as well.

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