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Sharing Studio Mixes With Nicecast

You may already be familiar with our audio broadcasting tool Nicecast. With just a few clicks, you can use Nicecast to create an internet radio station that’s accessible around the globe. College radio stations, amateur DJs, professional musicians, and many other groups have all used Nicecast to provide an internet radio stream to listeners.

Recently, however, we’ve seen an interesting trend: musicians on the road using Nicecast to receive rough mixes of audio from the studio. This audio isn’t yet intended for public consumption – the goal is to listen to a rough cut and hear different edits as quickly as possible. By adding Nicecast to the editing workflow, the editing can be done in one place and the listening in another.

John Mayer Tweet

We first took note of this when John Mayer mentioned using Nicecast this way on Twitter, as seen above. Others have since mimicked the idea to good effect. Really, it just makes sense. If you’re not in the studio but want to hear audio, Nicecast helps avoid the tiresome process of saving, editing, and uploading dozens of different MP3 files. Instead, just pull a live feed off a sound board, and share edits on the fly!

We’re always glad to see new uses of our applications, and this is an especially novel one. Whether you want to create a station for the whole world to tune in to, or just ship audio across the internet for a single listener, check out Nicecast.

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