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Radioshift 1.5 Beta Testing

Radioshift IconIt’s been some time since we’ve had an update to Radioshift, our internet radio recording tool, but we’ve been hard at work on improvements. After several months of work, we’re nearing the release of Radioshift 1.5, featuring loads of fixes and some important new features. Before that release, however, we want to share a beta with some of our users so we can iron out any issues.

What’s New in Radioshift 1.5?

First up, Radioshift now supports many additional radio streams. Older versions of Radioshift were unable to play streams which use web-based players. With Radioshift 1.5, you’re now able to tune in to those web-based streams and that means Radioshift can play thousands of additional radio streams!

In addition to supporting more streams, Radioshift 1.5 provides more reliable recordings. Radioshift now attempts to reconnect to streams when they disconnect and also makes use of backup streams where they’re available. This will result in far fewer failed recordings, and who doesn’t want that?

Finally, Radioshift’s user interface is in the process of being updated and improved. Some of these elements have been updated, and some are still awaiting their updates, but you should be able to see some useful changes in this beta.

Get The Download

If you’re a fan of Radioshift (and own a license for it), now’s your chance to preview this great update, before the full release. Radioshift is working quite well for day-to-day use, so if you’re feeling adventurous, send us an email. We’ll send you a link to Radioshift 1.5 so you can try it out.

Once you’ve tested Radioshift 1.5, you can use the integrated form (right in the Help menu) to send your feedback instantly. You’ll be experiencing the future of Radioshift and helping us improve Radioshift even more!

3 Responses to “Radioshift 1.5 Beta Testing”

  1. ejp says:

    Hi Paul

    I’m crouching down and taking cover and asking………….does this mean we are going to see any change in the radioshif touch version??



  2. Paul Kafasis says:

    ejp: At this time, we have no specific plans for Radioshift Touch, I’m afraid. The App Store has been a fairly developer-hostile place, and we’re focusing on the Mac for now.

  3. harmon says:

    I’ve migrated to a new computer – an intel g5 – and installed snow leopard. I’m trying to find my Radioshift license (I put it in a safe place so I can’t find it) so I can use it on this computer, but I expect it to be 32 bit, whereas 1.5 must be 64 bit snow leopard compatible, right?

    Anyway, when I get up & running, I’ll be happy to help out the testing.

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