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Fission 1.6.6 Is Ready for Snow Leopard

Update: We’ve discovered (and fixed) a potentially serious crashing bug in Fission 1.6.5. We’ve already released Fission 1.6.6 to take care of this, so if you haven’t yet moved up, get Fission 1.6.6 now. If you’re already running version 1.6.5, update to 1.6.6 as soon as possible.

Fission IconToday we’ve released an update to Fission, in the form of version 1.6.5, which brings with it full Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility. This update also has several new features along for the ride.

First up, it’s now possible to drag tracks from iTunes right onto Fission’s icon to open them up for editing. As well, we’ve added a button for the very handy Split at Playhead command, so that you can play until the exact point you want to make a cut, then pause and click Split at Playhead. Finally, in addition to a myriad of minor fixes, Fission 1.6.5 has smoother, more pleasing fades on lossless audio formats.

This is a free update for all licensed owners of Fission, so be sure to update whether you’re on Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6. Just choose Check For Update from the Fission menu, or click to download from our site. If you haven’t used Fission before, see how easy audio editing can be with a free trial.

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