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Airfoil 3.3.1, Airfoil for Windows 2.7.1 Bring Compatibility Fixes

Airfoil for Mac IconEarlier today, Apple updated both the AirPort Express firmware (to version 7.4.2) and Apple TV firmware (to 2.4), causing Airfoil to stop sending audio to these devices properly. We’ve been working to get this issue straightened out, and are now releasing Airfoil 3.3.1, which is fully compatible with these updates. Along with those fixes, we’ve also made some minor improvements to Airfoil Video Player, along with other small bug fixes.

This is a free update for all licensed owners of Airfoil for Mac 3, so all existing users should simply choose Check For Update from the Airfoil menu, or click to download from our site. If you haven’t used Airfoil before, check it out now with a free trial.

Airfoil for Windows users: We’ve now released a similar update for Airfoil for Windows, version 2.7.1. This brings the same compatibility fixes for AirPort Express firmware 7.4.2 and Apple TV firmware 2.4, so be sure to download the update from our site.

5 Responses to “Airfoil 3.3.1, Airfoil for Windows 2.7.1 Bring Compatibility Fixes”

  1. Shawn Heil says:

    I just downloaded the latest version to try it out and it does not work. Everything seems to be fine but it will not play anything through my Airport Express (which was upgraded yesterday to 7.4.2). Any ideas?

  2. Don Jemela says:

    I just downloaded the latest, and it works for us. Thanks! I thought I did something to break it. Please disregard my request for support email. Thanks! Don Jemela

  3. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Shawn – Try re-downloading it. For a couple minutes there we mistakenly had the website saying v3.3.1 but the download still being v3.3.0. Quick releases like these aren’t always the smoothest of operations.

  4. darkcooger says:

    I use Airfoil to send music to my bedroom speakers (since iTunes is so unreliable at it) at night to help me fall asleep and in the morning as an alarm clock. I was kinda upset when it wasn’t working tonight, but man you guys are fast at getting the updates going. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

  5. Paul Kafasis says:

    Guys, as always, if you have support questions in need of an answer, please contact us via our support form. That’s the best (and only) way to get support.


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