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XM and SIRIUS – Now On Your iPhone

Since the release of our XM and SIRIUS application Pulsar, we’ve had a lot of requests for an iPhone version of the application. While we have no plans for an iPhone port of Pulsar, SIRIUS XM have recently released their official iPhone listening client, available here. If you’re an XM or SIRIUS subscriber, you should definitely check it out. It’s free with your subscription, and gives you one more way to access your radio.

And of course, if you’re listening to XM or SIRIUS online with your Mac, you should check out our own Pulsar. If you own any of our current Mac products, you can obtain a complimentary Pulsar license. Otherwise, the full version of Pulsar can be unlocked for just $15 through our store.

5 Responses to “XM and SIRIUS – Now On Your iPhone”

  1. Derek says:

    The XM app only support americans, it would be great if rogue amoeba reconsidered since they already have done similar work with radioshift touch and i’m sure they’re plenty of International users out there. Also, the xm app could use a cleaner interface.

  2. Quentin Carnicelli says:

    Derek – Oddly enough, the SIRIUS’s iPhone application was programmed for them by a Canadian outfit. But as we’ve stated before, we have no intention of ever moving Pulsar off Mac OS.

  3. Michael S says:

    I have the iPhone APP (pretty nice), and Pulsar for use on my MBP. Of course, to get it working on the iPhone App, I had to upgrade from my free online subscription to the premium one. For $2.95, I’m not complaining.

    Now the question is for the fine folks at Amoeba. The premium subscription is supposed to be running at 128 kbps. Am I getting that quality through Pulsar? Second point, if you’re bored someday, can you add a one-click feature so that if I hear a song I like, I can easily buy it from iTunes. You might even get a fee for each purchase from Apple, but then again, they are cheap! I listen to XMU quite a bit, and I am always wanting to get the songs. I know I could us Hijack to record the music, but I prefer the 256 kbps iTunes Plus (or buying the CD and ripping it Lossless).

    So those are my two comments/questions. Thanks for Pulsar. It’s a beauty.

  4. Paul Kafasis says:

    Michael S. Pulsar automatically gets the highest quality stream to which your account has access. So, if you can get 128 kbps, Pulsar gets it.

    As for iTunes links, it’s a thought – we’ll see what happens in the future.

  5. Kevan says:

    Thanks for the complementary Pulsar. I love it! Much better than listening through a browser.

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