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The Magic of Airfoil

Milind Alvares over at Smoking Apples has taken some time to review Airfoil, and he’s pronounced it magical. Who are we to argue?

If you’re using Airfoil, you already know how great it is. But if not? Check out the writeup, then grab Airfoil for yourself. You could even win one of two licenses from Smoking Apples, but if not, Airfoil is of course available for purchase from our store.

Thanks to Smoking Apples for such a great in-depth look at Airfoil!

One Response to “The Magic of Airfoil”

  1. Sandee Cohen says:

    I recently found a terrific new reason to use Airfoil.

    I listen to Pandora and other music sites using Firefox. Most of the time I stream the sound through Airfoil to my remote speakers.

    But the other day I was in an office with only my computer and two small, iHome speakers attached.

    So why would I want to use Airfoil just to play through my computer’s output?

    Because Airfoil gives me an Equalizer that no other output on my computer give me!

    And a balance between left and right speakers.

    Airfoil’s controls should have been built into the Mac OS!

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