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Pulsar 1.5 Is Here: Public Preview No More!

Pulsar IconIt’s been almost three months since we released Pulsar Public Preview 2, our last update to our XM and SIRIUS satellite radio player Pulsar. Since then, we’ve been hard at work on many back-end improvements, as well as new features. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Pulsar has exited the Public Preview stage, with the release of Pulsar 1.5 1.

First among Pulsar 1.5’s many new features is the much anticipated space-saving mini-mode, accessible by clicking the Zoom (+) button. This update also brings support for recording with Audio Hijack Pro. Just right-click a channel and choose Record in Audio Hijack Pro, and a new Session will be made in Audio Hijack Pro, perfect for instant or timed recording. And with Pulsar’s improved interface, there’s no more hunting for the Play button, when you can just click a channel in the list to play it.

Pulsar 1.5 includes all this and much more, and it’s a free update for all licensed users. If you’re new to Pulsar, visit the Pulsar page for more information or just click to download now. If you’re already using Pulsar, just choose Check For Update in the Pulsar menu to update right inside the application.

1. We originally intended to ship the first non-Preview version of Pulsar as 1.0. Of course, force of habit meant that we accidentally used 1.0 as the version number for Pulsar Public Preview. Our version checking is based on that version number, so Preview 2 was 1.1, and now the final release is 1.5. So it goes.

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