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Software Links: Snapper 1.5 & Birdhouse 1.0

Today we’ve got a couple links for software by Friends of Rogue Amoeba (FoRA). First up is a new version of Snapper, a Windows screenshot utility from our good friend David Hammerton. We mentioned it when the initial version came out a few months ago and it’s better than ever.

The new version has a streamlined user interface and a built-in screenshot hosting feature. Quentin uses it when he’s feeling too lazy to transfer screenshot files between Windows and Mac OS manually, but it’s also just a great Windows tool.

The second application you may be interested in is Birdhouse, an iPhone notepad for Twitter. If you use Twitter, Birdhouse is a fantastic way to jot down notes, store drafts, and publish to Twitter. Made by the fine folks at Sandwich Dynamics, Birdhouse complements your favorite Twitter client, letting you read your timeline anywhere, while you publish right from Birdhouse. Hell, even if you’re not interested in Twitter, the demo video is easily worth watching several times.

And of course, don’t forget you can follow Rogue Amoeba for news and information, as well as the mutterings of my own diseased mind, right on Twitter.

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